Forever is it?



Yes you.

I have been trying to talk to you since long

Never could I get the guts to speak all those words to you

Sometimes fearing the situations following after

And other times waiting for the right time

But today I align all these stars in a pattern

Pattern that probably isn’t right and has no definite shape

But is enclosed rightly to hold you and me together forever

I know it is difficult to understand me and my words in paradox

Still I hope, against all odds that one day you will understand them all

I do also know it won’t be easy to live with a psychopath like you

Still I hope, against all odds that you will let me stay with you forever

Never did I doubt on your love and I swear

Knowing how you hate when I swear

Never did I walked off to not comeback

Come back in a way to stay forever

How long does forever last you ask me always

And never did I answer

But darling, that’s a wrong question

Forever isn’t a time span

Forever is a place

Place I just created between these stars.


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